Yes, I’ve been playing with the forge and power-hammer a fair amount this winter. The propane forge helps to heat the place, and the physicality of working at the hammer helps to heat me.

Projects have included converting a hundred pounds, or so, of interesting wrought iron scrap into a flower form to be donated to a fundraising effort, and also tapering and bending some large scale (1 ½”- 2” diameter) round bar for another sculptor’s project.

In the welding realm, I feel like I’ve been moving into a vertical world (see photos below) with the crazy plant stand (over six feet tall) and the Rooster (pushing seven feet).

I’m working on some “Columns,” too, that began last summer. For years, I have had tons (literally!) of short pieces of heavy structural sections around the studio. What does one do with a six foot long piece of 12” tall I-beam or a 5’ section of 8” X 10” heavy-wall tubing? Well, I’ve decide to cut them into much shorter pieces (12”-30”), cope and weld them together to form these “Columns.” Somewhere in there will be a “Cruciform” as well, with a horizontal element mounted via ball bearings to one of these so-called columns. Stay tuned!

SculptureNow will be returning to The Mount in Lenox, MA again this year. Hopefully, the columns will be accepted. I’ve been invited, and plan to submit, to a group show in North Bennington, VT, as well

I have recently been invited to submit a proposal for a group show, presented by a group from New York City called 14 Sculptors ( ) with the theme Speaking to Power. Could be interesting. Again, stay tuned!

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