Springtime Greetings!

I’m excited to be showing my sculpture Conversation Piece at The Mount this summer. Conversation Piece began as project to create a sculpture that would serve as a pedestal for people to pose upon. The original sketch looked something like a two-layer cake, with the bottom layer four feet in diameter, and the top layer three feet in diameter.

The title was to be “Please Play Pedestal,” and I imagined people using this pedestal to stand on or to sit upon in order to create their own sculpture, their body or bodies being the artwork. Imagine the possibilities, from a couple in a standing embrace, to as many kids as could cram onto a 36″ diameter! Perhaps someone as a Rodin-like Thinker seated on top?

That concept morphed into Conversation Piece, a work that I feel is a bit more formal, if not elegant in nature. My original intention remains, that the viewers participate, and interact with the piece by using it for seating for conversation or, indeed, as a pedestal.

That one “seat” is slightly lower than the other is my attempt to weave in the concept of a balance scale. Is the person on the lower seat physically heavier than the other, or does what she/he has to say more weighty? The circular, stainless steel “foot-rest” in the center is intended to be an equalizing focal point for both sides. The marble seats came from a quarry in Alford, MA about five miles from my studio.

The “featured” artist at The Mount this year is Albert Paley (see the front of the card). Albert is an amazing blacksmith and jewelry maker as well as sculptor. Please check him out at albertpaley.com.

I hope to see you at The Mount!

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