Mark your calendars for the Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Show, coming soon to the Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA.

Download the Brochure Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture 2018

I’ll be showing my Entrada al Inframundo (Entrance to the Netherworld), a piece inspired by the indigenous, pre-columbian peoples of Mexico, some of whom believed that the underworld, the Netherworld, was the source of humankind.

Entrada al Inframundo

Caves held a special significance for some. Even today, as the descendants of these people enter into the temezcal, a traditional cleansing sauna, they go through the entryway backwards, crouching, to emerge front-facing, cleansed and born anew, as the temezcal ends. I hope that you’ll get the chance to pass through this entrada; you may find it a cleansing experience.

Meanwhile, Conversation Piece (aka Please Play Pedestal), carries on at the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show in Vermont. And, don’t forget The Mount!

As the summer matures, so do the grounds of this amazing site in Lenox, MA. Next up is Art in the Orchard in Easthamopton, MA. More on that later.

Conversation Piece

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